We are KOUN, We CreateInventInnovate products

“Innovation at the service of human and social development”

We put innovation and creativity at the service of youth empowerment and environmental protection


A world with 0 unprocessed waste because we believe in this quote: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.”


Koun works to make the collection and recovery of urban waste and the mobilization of the population, an economic opportunity for the most disadvantaged.

Why us?

In a world where overconsumption dominates, producing ever more waste with a negative impact on our environment,  Koun  wanted to  join the circular economy in a creative way The young Moroccan brand does not just recycle, it  upcycles She thus transforms simple everyday materials intended to be discarded, into beautiful unique pieces, thus combining an  approach that is both ethical and aesthetic .

Whether you are institutions or individuals, we are attentive to your needs and to ours, which converge. Indeed, if you think of KOUN it is to work together for the well-being of humans on their planet through decent employment in the field of waste management and its transformation.

People are both at the center of our concerns and our ally

The brand relies on the principle of collaborative design  to think up and design each of its creations, regularly giving birth to capsule collections . 

Koun  works with  young people and women in professional reintegration  to design its products, providing them with the training and skills necessary for their personal and professional development.